Echomaster complete extensive refit on Forever Grateful

Echomaster have completed a major refit on the Fraserburgh based pelagic trawler Forever Grateful, owned by Excelsior Fishing.

New products installed on Forever Grateful included a Simrad FS70 40Khz. trawl sonar with 200Khz. down sounder and Pitch and Roll sensors, and four Marport Hybrid Catch Sensors programmed to work simultaneously with the Forever Grateful’s older Simrad FS20/25 trawl sonar and the new FS70. A Wassp 160Khz. Multibeam Echosounder along with an Olex Multibeam software module was installed and these proved very successful during the autumn herring and mackerel season.

One of Forever Grateful’s two Simrad ES60 split beam echosounders was upgraded to the new ES70 model to provide improved fish size and biomass data. Other new products installed were a Furuno SC30 GPS Gyro, Maretron SSC200 Rate Gyro with Pitch and Roll, 4 and 8-way video matrix units, new LCD displays and a complete rewire of the NMEA distribution network.