Marport Trawl Explorer installed on MFV Sustain (PD378)

Echomaster Marine completed the installation of a Marport Trawl Explorer system on the MFV Sustain PD378 today.

Using the existing Simrad PI hydrophones, the Marport Trawl Explorer pairs up with the Simrad PI44 system. This gives skipper Michael Buchan a complete picture of what is happening with his fishing gear.

The Sustain is utilising two Simrad PI Height sensors and up to four PI Catch sensors. This allows the skipper to know the position of the headline and footrope, and when the cod end is full. Using the environmentally friendly pair seine method and the Simrad PI system, to alert when the net is full, ensures the Sustain always lands very high quality fish.

The Marport Trawl Explorer builds on this existing system by giving Michael a wireless echosounder on the headline. This will allow him to see exactly where he is catching the fish. This saves fuel by catching the fish quicker, which in turn fills the fish hold quicker, and therefore gets the fish landed to port quicker.

The vessel is currently travelling to the South Coast for 2-3 months Sea Bass fishing. With this type of pelagic fishing the Marport should provide extremely rewarding results.

Everyone at Echomaster Marine wish Michael and his crew the best of luck and look forward to fitting another Marport system onto the Seine partner of the Sustain - The Surmount later this year.