New Marport Sensors for Genesis BF505

The Banff registered, bottom trawler, Genesis (BF505) has recently completed a successful trial of Marport MFX Door Sensors.

The Marport sensors, master and slave, measure physical distance between trawl doors during bottom and pelagic trawling. The door pitch angle, roll angle, water temperature around the door as well as depth of the trawl door can also be monitored.

The shape of the Marport sensor made it easy for the engineers at Macduff Shipyards to modify the trawl doors for the sensor - all that was required was a section of steel tubing, sealed at one end and with a removable cover at other end.

Echomaster Marine Engineers Graeme Smith and Ian Butcher delivered the sensors to the vessel and tested them by suspending the sensors over the sides of the vessel. The sensors worked straight away without any additional programming even though it was low water and the vessel was lying on the bottom!

Skippers Alan and David Watt were particularly impressed that the Sensor Housing is designed to remove the need for additional rubber pockets. The housing material is soft therefore it can be inserted directly into the door and still protect the electronics from vibration and shocks. If the housing does become damaged a new housing can easily be fitted at sea by removing two large bolts. They were also very pleased with the battery life of the sensors.

At less that £9500 Ex VAT for the pair of Marport sensors they are a very economical when you require a new sensor. Contact the sales team on 01261 831644 for more information.

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