New Sonar From Suzuki Installed

John Hunkin of the Celtic Dawn recently arranged for the new Suzuki S-1900 180kHz Sonar to be installed in Mevagissey. John had been working with the Suzuki S-1800 for a number of years with very good results. When this unit became damaged he decided on the upgrade to the new Sonar.

Les Smith visited John and arranged for the sonar to be installed. As the existing S-1800 has been removed previously by the customer the installation was straight forward as the new sonar is the same physical dimensions. the S-1900 fitted into the same 6" trunk as was installed onboard the vessel meaning no dry dock or fabrication work was needed.

The S-1900 is a black box Sonar and can be used with an exisiting monitor or one to fit in with the design of your wheelhouse. It is available in 80, 140 & 180kHz Versions. Please contact our sales team should you require any more information.