Simrad PI System Installed on MFV Our Pride

Echomaster Marine are completing the installation of the Simrad PI50 System to the Peterhead vessel Our Pride.

This dual hyrdophone system will provide invaluable real time information from the PI sensors located on the trawl doors. The PI Spread and PI Remote sensors will provide skipper Robert Wilson with important information about the doors. including if the doors are unstable, and if the trawl is incorrectly rigged.

The system has been initially fitted with the Simrad PI Spread/Depth and Remote/Depth Sensors but has been designed to fully utilise the enhanced features offered by the new Simrad PX sensors. Three of these new sensors will be delivered to the Our Pride over the coming weeks.

The Simrad PX sensors have proved popular since their introduction earlier this year. This reprogrammable sensor is available in two sensor types - Down and Side Transducer or Down and Front Transducer. The sensors can then be programmed with a combination of two readings from depth, pitch, roll, height, spread, geometry (down and front only).

The PX Multi Sensor can replace several traditional PI or PS sensors. All is needed is small computer, the free application from Simrad and a dedicated programming cable.

The Simrad PX Sensors are currently £ 4,190.00 (ex VAT) and available to order from Echomaster Marine.