Work Completed on Full Wheelhouse Package for Nereus

Echomaster Marine engineers, Graeme Smith and Ian Butcher, completed the installation and commissioning of the wheelhouse package onboard Terry Jack's new vessel Nereus INS 172.

Information from the main electronic units is shown on 6 x 19in Neovo displays integrated through a video matrix system. The skipper also has the ability to display his laptop on any of the matrix screens to make sure he does not miss any important information. The display screens for the electronics are flush mounted in the main U-shaped forward console.

Slave plotter/CCTV and net monitor screens are arranged adjacent to the aft trawl console, enabling the skipper to watch the door spread while shooting and hauling the twin rig gear.

The Echosounder on Nereus is a Hondex HE-1500Di 15in LCD colour sounder operating on 38/200kHZ. This echosounder is also providing ground discrimination output to the Olex plotter.

Details of the vessel’s location is obtained from two Koden KGP-913 GPS receivers and a Simrad HS70 heading sensor. Positioning data received is interfaced to an Olex 3D seabed mapping system and a Sodena EasyWin plotter supporting the usual combination of AIS, ARPA, ground discrimination, tidal and wind data. A Ben Marine Alize Speed Log in conjunction with the Simrad HS70 provides real time tidal prediction data to be collected on the Olex. A Fishsafe unit is also fitted.

The two Furuno radars and a watch alarm system were provided by Watt Marine of Ullapool. The main Furuno FAR221BB X-Band radar is fitted with ARPA and AIS interfaces. A Furuno 1835 radar is also fitted. Both radars are interfaced to a Comar Class A AIS transceiver and with ARPA, provide tracking both within the radars themselves and also through the Olex and Sodena plotters.

Steering and navigation is provided by a Navitron NT 921 MK 11 autopilot with additional jog levers and rudder indicator. The autopilot has also been interfaced to the Olex to allow Terry to plot a route which will then be sent to the Navitron allowing the skipper to take the most economical route to and from the fishing grounds.

Communications and safety equipment includes an ICOM IC-M801 MF/HF transceiver, two ICOM IC-M411 VHFs and an Ocean Signal SafeSea GMDSS handheld VHF, EPIRB and SART, Sailor 6000 Touchscreen GMDSS Sat C. Also installed is an Echomaster Marine V60G VSAT Broadband System with Evolution X5 Modem which is available wirelessly throughout the vessel, Echomaster Marine I6 Satellite TV system and six Camera CCTV system c/w four week recording facility. The CCTV is also available throughout the vessel via the wireless network.

Nereus is the first vessel to install the new eXcel@Sea Broadband Internet from Echomaster. eXcel @sea is the result of a joint collaboration between Echomaster and Excelerate Technology a leading supplier of Broadband communications to UK emergency services, government agencies and to the London 2012 Olympics, bringing a whole new dimension to marine broadband services.

The vessel is also fitted with a Phontech intercom system which allows two way communication between the wheelhouse and the rest of the vessel.

Image courtesy of David Linkie.