Simrad ES70 Single Beam

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Recommended For:

  • Coastal Fishing
  • Commercial Fishing

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Simrad ES70 Single Beam

Recommended For:

  • Coastal Fishing
  • Commercial Fishing

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Simrad ES70 Single Beam

The Simrad ES70 has been discontinued - please see the Simrad ES80, details here

The Simrad ES70 is a next generation Echosounder, for any type of fishery using the latest innovations in computer technology to satisfy the needs of you the customer - Top performance at any depth, and easy to operate!

The Simrad ES70 is operated by means a standard computer trackball and a menu system.

The display presentation provided is based on an award winning design. The menu system, presentation of echograms, and the user interface elements have been created in close cooperation with designers and users. There are no dialogs.

Main Features

  • Several Different Frequencies: 12, 18, 27, 38, 50, 70, 120 and 200kHz
  • Separate on screen information panes for : Zoom View, Depth Colour Threshold, Bottom Harness (Option), Fish Biomass (Option)
  • Optimized pulse length with range
  • Unlimited Number of personal settings
  • Seamless auto range
  • change in Gain setting applied to entire screen
  • New bottom detector for improved detection of fish close to the bottom and on slopes
  • Up to six frequencies on the screen simultaneously.
  • 24 hour on screen history
  • Colour Threshold can be adjusted for individual frequencies
  • Own display areas for Bottom Expansion, Pelagic Expansion or Trawl Area.
  • Menu system in local language
  • Transceivers with single of dual frequencies
  • Transmit power up to 4kW (Dependant on Transducer)
  • A-Scope
  • Depth Marker
  • On screen readout of Latitude, Longitude, Heading Speed and Temperature.
  • Interface to GPS, Simrad catch monitoring systems and sonars.
  • Screen speed adjusted for Ping rate, Distance or Time.
  • Screen capture function.

Optional Features

  • Calculation of Biomass
  • Calculation of Bottom Hardness
  • Heave Compensation

Menu Bar

The menu can be position on the right or left side of the display, or removed altogether if you do not need it. Several menu languages are available.

On the menus, Simrad's 'smart buttons' are used extensively. These reduce the need for dialog boxes, and allow you to define parameters with only a few clicks.

Title Bar and Information Panes

The Title Bar is located on the top of the display presentation, and it is stretched from the far left to the far right side.

It allows you quick and easy access to key operations, such as information panes, navigational information and various function buttons.

With the ES70 Simrad have introduced a new way to present optional information - the Information panes.

With a click on the requested icon on the top bar, the information you with to add to the echogram is presented in a dedicated frame. You can place the frame wherever you want, and you can resize it to any shape. It is even transparent, so you will not loose any information from the echogram behind it.

New Zoom Function

The Zoom function, when used in connection with the optional biomass module, provided by the ES70 is innovative, efficient and easy to use. Using the trackball you can establish an area on the echogram. The information displayed in the Zoom Pane, and the fish biomass is calculated and displayed.

The zoomed area can be used to investigate a school of pelagic fish or an areas close to bottom.

Bottom Hardness Option

The new Bottom Hardness pane allows you to investigate the bottom conditions. The ES70 measures the reflectivity, and calculated the hardness on a scale from 1 to 100. The information may also be exported to compatible navigation plotters.

Limitless Capabilities

The Simrad ES70 Echosounder is more than a regular echosounder. It has capabilities beyond any competitor. You can put together a system with as many transducers and frequencies as you like, and build the sounding system you always dreamed of: Looking down,or sideways, fish volume, single fish detection in shallow as well as deep water, bottom discrimination, history echogram, recording facility, unlimited personal settings, data output to plotter, etc.