Scanstrut Power Towers

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Recommended For:

  • Recreation
  • Coastal Fishing
  • Scientific Research
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Workboats
  • Fish Farming

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Scanstrut Power Towers

Recommended For:

  • Recreation
  • Coastal Fishing
  • Scientific Research
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Workboats
  • Fish Farming

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Scanstrut Power Towers

For Radomes, open array and Small SatCom/ TV Antennas

Watertight Installation

Pre-fitted IP65 gland to seal cable entry into stem and a watertight base seal included so no need for messy sealant.

Ease of Installation

Pre-drilled mounting holes, the antenna fastens to PowerTower top plate using own mounting bolts.

Choice of Heights

150mm (6”) or 350mm (14”) heights available.

Aesthetic Single Piece Moulding

Curves and strength to suit any boat with a 30° aft leaning profile to compliment any powerboat.

Power Tower Versions

Composite Power Tower

Scanstrut’s Composite PowerTower offers a single “monocoque” structure for outstanding strength and surface finish. Its aerodynamic shape and high gloss finish makes a product that is as strong as it is attractive.
* Lightweight, suits any boat.
* Gloss white finish
* 30 degree aft leaning
* Choice of 150mm (6”) or 350mm (14”) heights

Aluminium PowerTower

Bespoke extrusion = strength, good looks and choice
Strong for heavier equipment.
* White Powder Coated
* 25 degree aft
* models have optional Central Accessory Bar
* Choice of 150mm (6”) or 250 (10”) heights
* Internally mounted Scanstrut DS-30 cable seal

Stainless PowerTower

Stainless PowerTower® is created using a highly polished marine grade stainless steel, which makes a great looking installation on any boat.
Ideal for narrow RIB arches.
* Highly polished mirror finish
* 30 degree aft leaning
* 150mm (6”) height

Satcom PowerTower

Elevated antenna mounting with small footprint.
* Option of vertical aluminium or aft leaning stainless steel mount
* 300mm (12”) height

Dual PowerTower

Elevates the satcom antenna above the radar.
* Eliminates antenna interference
* Ensures maximum performance from both applications
* Space saving solution

Compact Dual PowerTower

Adjustable mounting plate allows for variation in radome size.
* Positions the radar as close as possible to the structural centre of gravity
* Ensures minimal load is placed on the radar arch