Simrad NSE

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Recommended For:

  • Recreation
  • Coastal Fishing
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Workboats


Simrad NSE

Recommended For:

  • Recreation
  • Coastal Fishing
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Workboats

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Simrad NSE

Simrad NSE unites professional grade construction with innovative technologies. Incorporating powerful networking and vessel integration capabilities, the NSE is ideal for patrol vessels, smaller workboats and inshore fishing vessels. Available in both 8 and 12 inch multifunction displays.

Tough, capable and truly multifunctional

Built to withstand the most rugged conditions, the NSE is a stunningly fast, full-function chartplotter. The NSE offers owners the opportunity to add over time a wide range of performance modules and transducers that will extend its capabilities to include:

  • A best-in-class echosounder/fishfinder
  • Radar display (both HD and Broadband)
  • AIS transceiver
  • Autopilot control
  • Engine performance display
  • And much more;

All accessible from a single screen (additional screens can be added as required) and displayed in the format and combination of your choice. It’s all easy to install thanks to the SimNet / NMEA2000 compatibility – just plug in the new unit and the NSE will recognise and configure it automatically.

Simple controls

Simple easy to use controls even for the first-time user, with an all-new alphanumeric keypad, rotary controller and direct access keys. Super-fast chart redraw for seamless navigation even at high speeds.

Award Winning Echosounder and StructureScan™

Broadband sounder and StructureScan Sounder and NSE units are fully compatible with the revolutionary BSM-1 and BSM-2 Broadband Sounders and Structure Scan Sonar.

Users can dramatically enhance their fishfinding capabilities by incorporating the StructureScan module into their network. The NSE high resolution screens provide incredible detail of bottom contour and structure


Choose between Broadband 3G Radar for close range detection or HD Digital Domes and Arrays for longer range. The NSE also support the New 4G Radar from Simrad providing 50% more true range than the 3G Radome

The Broadband 4G is also the only dome radar to employ beam sharpening, which allows you to control the level of target separation. With the NSE you can also Incorporate two scanners for dual radar functionality.


The NSE can either work with, or replace, the AP24 and AP28 control units altogether and interface directly with the Marine Autopilot Computers, giving full autopilot control and a wide range of dynamic displays. This makes installation cheaper and simpler, and makes data control and viewing easier.

C-Zone Digital Switching

C-Zone by BEP Marine is a system that allows complete monitoring and control of critical shipboard systems from a single point. Control of AC or DC circuits can be powered on or off at the touch of a single key. NSE units are will act as the point of control for a C-Zone installation via simple on-screen menus. C-Zone makes initial installation easier, and greatly simplifies the control and monitoring process for the boat owner.

Build your Network

Build your own network of state-of-the art Simrad navigation technology for professional-grade performance; just plug in Broadband or HD radar, best-in-class Marine Autopilots, AIS (automatic Identification System) and more to create an integrated navigation station.

A technological leader:

The Simrad NSE’s advances in performance and capabilities are the result of the use of a range of sophisticated components and manufacturing techniques.

  • Rugged aluminium construction for the most challenging conditions and environments.
  • Very high resolution bonded screens and super-bright LED backlighting, yet 60% lower power consumption.
  • A fresh but familiar user interface makes the NSE the most intuitive and easy to use multifunction display available.
  • An 80GB hard drive for the cartography together with a 1.6 GHz CPU for ultra-fast chart redraw
  • XGA LCD display in the 12-inch model, SVGA in the 8-inch version.