Watching Man

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Recommended For:

  • Recreation
  • Coastal Fishing
  • Workboats

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Watching Man

Recommended For:

  • Recreation
  • Coastal Fishing
  • Workboats

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Watching Man

Watching Man is a smart security and geo-location system. Once the device is installed, you will be able to monitor your boat wherever you are, from any mobile device or computer with an Internet connection.


  • Monitoring from mobile phone or web
  • Door Opening Detection
  • Intruder Detection
  • Shore Power Disconnection Alert
  • Battery Level Alert
  • Detection of Water in the Bilge
  • Engine Temperature Monitoring
  • Boat GPS Tracking
  • Geo fence Alerts if the boat drifts out of mooring area.
    (features dependent on model of Watching Man)

You can choose between two models of Watching Man depending on the size of your boat.

Basic Wireless

The simplest model, perfect for small boats. Easy to install.

With an easy to use mobile phone app or website monitoring your boat has never been easier. The basic wireless system also allows you to monitor the current position of your vessel and its sailing route.

Watching Man will also warn you if your vessel moves more than 50m from the mooring area.

A battery alert is also present, warning you if the battery exceeds pre-set maximum or minimum levels. Watching Man will also warn you if the shore power is disconnected from the vessel.

Full Wireless

The full wireless system gives you all the features of the basic system and more with the addition of some smart sensors.

Additional Sensors
  • Door Sensor
  • PIR Sensor
  • Water Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor

With the addition of these sensors the Watching Man brings an extra level of functionality. An intruder alert will warn you if it detects movement within your vessel. This combines with the door sensor which will provide you with notification if there is unauthorised access via your door.

As well as the risk of your vessel from intruders, Watching Man Full Wireless will also warn you if it detects water in your bilge or if your engine temperature exceeds pre-set minimum or maximum temperatures.


Watching Man sends your boat’s alerts using GSM mobile networks in your country. The device works with a communications flat rate service allowing you total control of the costs, with no limit on the number of communications and no additional fees. Watching Man connects to the mobile operator networks in each country indistinctly, to give you the best coverage service.

The system currently comes with 1 year free subscription to the Watching Man communications network - a 100.00 Euro subscription is applicable thereafter.