Simrad SU90

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Recommended For:

  • Scientific Research
  • Commercial Fishing

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Simrad SU90

Recommended For:

  • Scientific Research
  • Commercial Fishing

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Simrad SU90

The Simrad SU90 is the ultimate long range, low frequency fish finding sonar. We made no compromises during the design of this sonar. If high performance is your only criteria when choosing a sonar, this is your natural choice.


  • 360 degrees omnidirectional
  • 90 degrees vertical tip
  • Operational frequency adjustable from 20 to 30 kHz
  • Narrow beams (opening angle 4,9 degrees at 30 kHz)
  • Increased source level (3 dB higher than SX90)
  • Hyperbolic FM transmissions ("Chirp")
  • Large dynamic range
  • High definition
  • Stabilized beams
  • Dual beam operation
  • Easy operation
  • Store and recall sonar data
  • Define and save your own user settings
  • Clear and easily comprehensive sonar data

The narrow beams provided by the SU90 sonar give you several advantages. They will increase the sonar's range and resolution, and offer a vertical view with additional details and a clearer picture. The narrow beams will also decrease the noise level.

Multiple operational frequencies

On any fishing vessel you have numerous sources for noise, such as propellers, generators, engines and other hydroacoustic equipment.
When other vessels are fishing in the vicinity using the same sonar as you have, you may also experience acoustic disturbance from these.

With the multiple frequency operation provided, you will still be able to tune your sonar for maximum performance. This will allow you to avoid interference both from your own, and from other vessels.

The multiple frequency operation comes very handy in other situations as well; high and low frequencies have different detection ranges on different conditions and species.

Beam stabilisation

When the beam stabilisation is activated, both the horizontal and vertical beams are electronically stabilised for the vessel's roll and pitch movements.

This allows the full circle sonar beam to stay on the target independent of the vessel movements, even in rough seas. You will always maintain a clear picture of the targets.

To improve the accuracy of the beam stabilisation, you can connect a dedicated motion reference unit (MRU) sensor.

Dual beam

The combination of the horizontal and vertical beams displays the school of fish from above and from the side at the same time. It is not necessary to go over the target to see the vertical distribution on the echo sounder.

User selectable beam width

Simrad is often first with new sonar features. They now provide you with user selectable beamwidth.

This feature provides improved range and better resolution in the horizontal picture.

When you search for fish at long distances you will set the beamwidth to "narrow" for maximum detection range. When you approach the fish you will use shorter range. The sonar can then be set to change beamwidth to "normal" or "wide" automatically, or you can select the appropriate setting manually. The beamwidth is frequency dependant.

Full screen presentation

In full screen presentation, the echo presentation will be extended to cover the entire display area. You can also hide the menu if you don't need it.

Off centre presentation

Offset the vessel to any screen position, and enlarge the echoes for more detailed information.

Dual mode presentation

In the dual mode, we provide you with "two sonars in one".
Each sonar presentation can be set up as if you had two different sonars working simultaneously. Individual frequencies, tilt angles, ranges, gain and filters can be used.

The presentation may be organized horizontally or vertically to fit your preferences, you may also hide the menu from your view.

User settings

In many cases, the sonar on the bridge has several users. Each user has often his or her own favourite settings.

On this sonar, you can save these settings using your own name, and retrieve them whenever you take charge of the sonar operations. This saves you valuable time as your favourite colours, settings and parameters are only a few "clicks" away.

Store and recall sonar images

All Simrad sonars include a Store/Recall function. You can choose to save either single sonar images or sequences during a normal sonar search.

Later, you can easily play the images back on the sonar display if you wish to study the sonar data in more detail. You can also copy the images to an external hard disk, or to a USB memory device.

Audio output

The Simrad SU90 sonar can be connected to an external audio system to add sound to the user experience.

Many experienced sonar operators find this audio information very useful, and claim that an audio output increases the efficiency of the sonar. A trained ear will easily detect fish echoes by the sound of them.

The sonar provides an audio output from the Processor Unit. This is a line output, which means that you must provide a suitable amplifier and set of speakers. The audio system must include a volume control, as the audio output level from the sonar is fixed. The audio output can however easily be disabled by means of the Audio mute button on the Operating Panel.