Airmar P66

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Airmar P66

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Airmar P66

The P66 TRIDUCER® multisensor features Airmar's 50/200 kHz, dual-frequency, single-ceramic element. This hydrodynamic housing features a rounded nose which reduces the turbulence under the transducer's face for accurate high-speed readings and clearer display images.


  • Inboard/outboard boats
  • Outboard boats
  • Suitable for Fibreglass, Wood and Aluminium hulls

The P66 is the best performing and most popular transom mount TRIDUCER® multisensor in the market for many reasons. Foremost, the 50/200 kHz, oversized, ceramic element produces focused beams highlighting detail in the water column and in the bottom structure.

The hydrodynamic shape allows water coming off the transom to flow smoothly under the transducer face. This results in accurate high-speed depth readings and clear display images. Going a step further, the P66 TRIDUCER® multisensor also incorporates a patented noise suppression system. The result is a 5 to 8 knot improvement over standard construction through improved shielding from noise and vibration. The plastic release bracket lets the P66 rotate up to protect the housing if struck by an object.


  • Good target detail in shallow water at 200 kHz and good deep water bottom tracking at 50 kHz
  • Patented noise suppression system provides a 5-8 knot improvement over standard construction through improved shielding from noise and vibration
  • New square blade paddlewheel improves linearity and is more accurate throughout the speed range
  • Recessed waterflow channel protects paddlewheel


  • Frequency: Dual frequency 50kHz and 200kHz
  • Beam Width: 45° @ 50kHz, 11° @ 200kHz
  • Rated RMS Power: 600W
  • Weight: 0.5kg (1.1lb.)
  • Transom Angle: 2° up to 28°
  • Bracket Vertical Adjustment: 12mm (1/2")

Transducer can be removed from bracket without the use of tools for easy service or storage
Paddlewheel assembly easily removed for service or storage
Transducer rotates up to protect housing from damage when excessive force is applied
Chemical and impact resistant plastic housing